A.L. Jackson – Lead Me Home Audiobook

A.L. Jackson – Lead Me Home Audiobook

A.L. Jackson - Lead Me Home Audio Book Free
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As Gingham Lakes’ self-proclaimed matchmaker extraordinaire– also known as, the climax fairy– Nikki Walters sweeps via life, spreading love any place she goes. Boasting a bright smile as well as spouting enjoyable repartees, she’s been called the fun-loving pal with nary a care worldwide. Yet looks are on a regular basis tricking– for there is so much more to Nikki than what she dares to allow the outdoors IN to see.

If Nikki is the bane of Ollie’s presence, then Ollie is the guardian of hers. He’s her dark knight; her ferocious protector; her stunning monster. He’s the man she gave her heart to, who threw it back, tattered and torn. But when Nikki’s home is trashed as well as her well-being dangles in the balance, its Ollie to the rescue, set in his willpower to keep her risk-free. Covering Nikki under his protective wing, Ollie relocates her to his area over Olive’s bar. ┬áLead Me Home Audiobook Free. Although the temporary action ends up being a Nikki’s quiet comfort, Ollie’s heated perusal maintains her stammering on the brink. As the stress increases and their need heats, their brand-new setup quickly translates to a slow-burning abuse of the greatest kind.

It’s been virtually 14 years given that Ollie’s sibling, Sydney, went missing; 14 years, because Ollie lost a piece of his spirit. Now, as the wedding anniversary of Sydney’s disappearance methods, Ollie must prepare to face the devils of his past– a muddled job that proves as difficult as it is essential, as he lastly grabs a future with Nikki. With proceeded dangers as well as a past that doesn’t stay buried, “Lead Me Home” takes the reader on a memorable, darkly suspenseful trip that brings about response to long-awaited questions. As well as, all the while, a new beginning for this couple hovers in the distance– close sufficient to touch, but just barely unreachable.

As the 3rd (and also last) installation to AL Jackson’s Defend Me Collection, “Lead Me Home” concludes this collection in a much heavier shadow that just Ollie’s story could regulate. It’s dramatic, stunning, destructive as well as terrible. It’s also wickedly attractive, perfectly enchanting, and boasts lots of fun & flirt, while the requisite HEA is provided in one of the most flawlessly tasty way. While “Lead Me Home” is composed as a standalone, I would extremely advise starting at the start. In doing so, a proper point of view would certainly be gained and also added understanding can be gathered about Ollie, Nikki, as well as their endearing circle of buddies– good friends that I’ve come to know and like; friends to whom I despise to bid farewell. But, alas, I must. So, in parting, I provide my final congratulations to AL Jackson for composing such outstanding, vibrant characters that have carved a long-term home within my heart. I have been patiently awaiting Ollie and also Nikki’s story because this collection started. (ok possibly not patiently.) However I knew it was going to be and emotional heart wrenching read. Yet I really did not realize Jackson was mosting likely to place us through that much turmoil. When I first began reviewing I intended to hang Ollie by his unmentionables for all suffering he had actually placed Nikki with throughout the years. But as the tale played out it all made excellent sense.

This book had a difficult topic. But it was wonderfully written and the connection/love in between Ollie and Nikki was indisputable and although it hurt at times. It was so beautiful. Another POWERFUL checked out by A.L. Jackson. If you have not review any of guides in the Defend Me series yet, every one can be reviewed as a standalone. The collection focuses on a team of buddies that have matured with each other as well as experienced the most damaging loss together fourteen years back. They each have their own tricks as well as demons associated with that experience, as well as the tales of their journeys to find to terms with those devils to find redemption and the possibility of a happier future have been several of my favorite checks out in the last year or so. Lead Me House features Nikki as well as Ollie, and I have been excitedly expecting their turn in the spotlight!

Nikki, Ollie as well as his sibling Sydney came to be the matching of the 3 Musketeers from the moment they satisfied at the bus quit on Sydney and also Nikki’s very first day of institution when they were simply 5 years old. Ollie immediately tackled the duty of guard as the older sibling by one entire year, yet it was a duty he took seriously with the years. By the time they came to be teens, every little thing altered a little when hormonal agents and a various kind of recognition of each other started. Nikki fell in love with Ollie from the time she was old enough to understand what that suggested, and also he was definitely drawn to her also. A.L. Jackson – Lead Me Home Audio Book Download. He was simply extra hesitant to admit it since he recognized it would transform every little thing. On the other hand, he entirely missed the reality that Sydney and his best friend Rex were having some moments of their very own. That evening left marks on all of them that they reach this particular day.