L.J. Shen – Midnight Blue Audiobook

L.J. Shen – Midnight Blue Audiobook

L.J. Shen - Midnight Blue Audio Book Free
Midnight Blue Audiobook Online

“Once upon a time, a simple mortal fell for a rock God-you possibly understand this is not a fairy tale, Mortals as well as Gods do not blend”

This is the story of Alex Winslow- the largest rock God on the planet!
With that said being stated, he is an addict, fresh out of rehab, self-indulgent, self taken in, and ready to head out on a globe excursion. Recognizing exactly how unstable Alex is and exactly how delicate his soberness is, his representative Jenna was determined to locate him a “sobriety friend” aka a “nanny” as Alex saw it … get in Indigo Bellamy “Indie” also known as “Stardust” Indiie is Alex’s NINTH “nanny” as he’s chased after off the other 8 in DAYS! She’ll be no different, or so he assumed

“I really can’t emphasize this enough, however i’ll try-your little bit mind video games are not mosting likely to function- I’m maintaining this work. Obtain utilized to me.”

Midnight Blue Audiobook Free. God i LOVE a spirited take no crap women!!!! Indie is a loaner, who enjoys to spend her time in her space stitching her garments when she’s not hanging around with her infant nephew that remains in determined requirement of surgery for ear tubes. Considering that her moms and dads were killed, her bro was her family … then his girlfriend became his spouse, as well as her nephew was birthed, and her household grew, however the absence of her mommy and daddy had its effects on Indie AND ALSO Craig (her brother) Craig beverages too much, was without a task again, expenses were piling up … this job, the income – would certainly care for sooo much! Primarily her nephews surgical treatment and her family members’s costs and also immidiate demands.
Three months, over 1/4 million, as well as 1 self soaked up bastard

” you’re such a bastard, calling you a bastard is an insult to every other bastard living in the globe. We need to find a new word for what you are”

However that’s things with “hate” -it is such a raw feeling, as well as such raw feelings have such passion behind them. Often we don’t even see it’s occurring or to what level – however at some time, that “hate” can turn into something “various”.

While on tour, Alex is supposed to compose a new album, yet being heartbroken by his ex lover, Fallon who cheated on him with one of his ideal friends (did i fail to remember to point out Alex is a BRITTISH rocker !?!- GAH!) for this reason the descending spiral that had him grunting enough coke to make a 5 rate wedding celebration cake, he hasn’t been able to compose a word … till he finds his muse in Indie.

3 months- the ONLY woman on the trip, as well as not simply ANY woman, one that could care less who he is, one that makes him really feel “real” – simply one trouble, Indie vouched she would certainly never copulate him!. Alex is still in love with Fallon and also swears to obtain her back … but until after that …” You ought to live, and make blunders, as well as i’m providing to be one of those blunders, because you have nothing to shed, we have an expiry day, we have a deadline, we have unlimited 5 ☆ resort spaces as well as an album to write as well as your family to conserve, and also simply ******* confess – all arrowheads factor parallel – United States. TOGETHER. FOR. NOW.”.

Alex Winslow was lovely in such a way storms were – from afar. Just like them he had the power to move as well as destroy you. 2 things i was as well busy trying to endure”.

” when i consider you, i see something broken that isn’t worth dealing with. As well as you take a look at me like i’m a cheap thing to change the pricey one thats been stolen from you. See, we’re all vases, as well as you’re the one on the floor, ruined beyond repair. So, I’ll allow some one else pick you up, It’s truly that easy, have a good time with your short-lived adhesive”.

The important things about developing walls is they CAN boiled down, with sufficient determination haunted with interest, walls often tend to fall apart!

” When i ultimately lay my hands on you, and also make indisputable, Stardust, i will – you will be weeping all right. My name. Over. And. Over. Once more”.

” if you desire me to believe you regarding not desiring me to **** you raw, you ought to most likely stop considering me like that. Like you’re currently mine”.

” you look at me with dynamite in your eyes, waiting for me to strike the suit as well as ultimately established you ablaze”. I’m not gon na lie, it took me a little bit to such as Alex. He started out as your common egotistical rock star, yet as the story proceeded, his layers were slowly peeled back to reveal his big heart and also sweet taste.

Indigo is my spirit pet. Her selflessness was humbling as well as she is certainly somebody you desire in your corner. Her struggle to ensure her household live a much better life was heartbreaking at times.

Indie and Alex’s chemistry was apparent. Like off the freaking charts. L.J. Shen – Midnight Blue Audio Book Online. Their amusing banter had me giggling aloud. Both had a past that when revealed had me in splits.

This book was a lot more than an abrasive romance.