Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook by Siobhan Vivian

Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook by Siobhan Vivian

Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook
Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook

Natalie Sterling has actually constantly been an excellent girl. She gets good grades, prides herself on being a devoted best friend, and is even trainee council head of state. Constantly sensible, Natalie does not recognize why some women waste their time partying as well as stressing over young boys. Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook Online. Natalie knows what’s important, and she’s sticking to her convictions.

Yet when her friend pal turns against her, as well as pupil council begins to fall apart, Natalie locates herself leaning on a person unexpected; Connor Hughes. Connor is a football player as well as whatever Natalie guaranteed herself she would certainly stay clear of throughout high school. However prior to she recognizes it, Natalie finds herself slipping out of her house in the middle of the evening and slipping into the heat of Connor’s arms.

Good lady. Negative lady. Will Natalie find out what sort of girl she really is?

When I saw the cover of this book some time back, I wished to read this book. With such an outrageous cover, I recognized this publication would most definitely be interesting.

Among my preferred parts of this book was how real to reality Natalie’s senior high school was. The descriptive scenes of enhancing the college corridors for the large football game brought me back to senior year and dressing in all blue and gold to support on the Panthers. Every little thing appeared very actual to me right down to the foolish pranks as well as even just how annoying Mike Domski was; every school has one, right? The characters and also their senior high school “stereotypes” all feel very actual to me. Vivian absolutely pin down senior high school in NOT THAT KIND OF LADY.

Initially glance, I thought I could relate to Natalie. In secondary school, I would most definitely consider myself a good girl. I obtained good grades, overachieved and tried to stay under the social radar. Nevertheless, as I continued to continue reading, I located Natalie a growing number of tough to connect to. Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook (streaming). At first, I completely valued Natalie for the choices she made and also the kind of individual she chose to be. However when she began to push her ideas off onto Spencer, a fresher whom she utilized to babysit for, I began to examine Natalie. By the end of guide, I downright disliked her. She was incredibly judgmental and also sanctimonious; two top qualities I really did not value in this primary character.

Regarding second characters go, while I assume they appeared exceptionally practical in regards to secondary school, I really did not feel like I actually respected any of them. Connor just appeared a little bit uninteresting to me; absolutely nothing concerning him truly shouted SWOON! I additionally really did not also actually mind when Natalie as well as her buddy Fall were battling because I never ever truly felt linked to Autumn or their friendship. As well as while I understand that the author was attempting to make a point by making Natalie as well as Spencer polar revers, I think they both went a little as well much to the extremes. Neither of them were credible to me.

Although I didn’t connect with Connor and really did not truly understand why he liked Natalie, I was still rooting for he and also Natalie to have a real connection; call me a charming. A few of the scenes in between the two are H-O-T, and also I was certainly amused waiting to figure out what would certainly become of both. One thing I valued about the scenes in between Natalie and Connor were that for just a few seconds, we saw a softer and also a lot more susceptible side of Natalie; one I wish I can have seen even more of throughout the web pages.

My various other issue with this publication came in the direction of the end. The book seemed to quickly finish, concluding stories in neat, clean bows in a matter of web pages. Among the things I liked concerning NOT THAT SORT OF LADY was the extreme conflict that constructed throughout guide, so when suddenly, the book mored than as well as every conflict was dealt with, I really felt a little bit cheated. I would certainly have loved to have actually seen more information concerning Natalie and also Connor, specifically considering that she was finally able to confess her sensations for him.

While I couldn’t completely get in touch with this publication, I was definitely delighted throughout! Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook Download. This was a rather quick read and also one that most definitely kept my interest. Even though I really did not care for the characters, I would really such as to attempt another among Siobhan Vivian’s books because I believed her actual writing was extremely well done.