The Lightning Thief Audiobook by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief Audiobook by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1)

The Lightning Thief Audiobook
The Lightning Thief Audiobook

Meet Percy Jackson. He is twelve years old, and he determines to inform us the tale of his previous year. On the initial day of summer, after his sixth-grade year, Percy uncovers that something is wrong with him. The Lightning Thief Audiobook Download. Or rather, something is right with him. He finds out that he is a half-blood: half-human, half-god. He is taken to Camp Half-Blood in New York City, a camp for kids similar to him that is risk-free from beasts that want to attack half-bloods.

At camp, Percy finds out more details regarding himself: his daddy is Poseidon, god of the Sea and also brother to Zeus as well as Hades. When Zeus’s master bolt (the important things that allows him to produce lightning whenever he desires) is stolen, Poseidon is condemned for the burglary. Zeus tells Poseidon that the master screw need to be gone back to Mount Olympus by the summer solstice, or else he will proclaim battle on Poseidon. Poseidon is miffed that his bro Zeus would certainly even implicate him of such a thing.

Percy sets out on a quest to obtain Zeus’s master bolt, which is believed to be in Hades’s captivity in the Underworld. Aiding Percy are Grover, his BFF, and Annabeth, a smart demi-goddess and child of Athena. The three take a bus, a train, a vehicle, as well as a taxi taxicab to earn their method throughout America, from New York City to Los Angeles, where evictions of the Underworld lie. They stop in St. Louis, Denver, and Las Vegas along the way. During their pursuit, they battle vicious monsters like Medusa, they find catastrophe on the monitoring deck of the Gateway Arc, they are fooled by the god of war (Ares), they virtually lose their memories in an enchanted Vegas casino, as well as they are virtually extended to death.

When in the Underworld, Percy discovers that Hades does not have Zeus’s master bolt, and also he is missing his very own symbol of power: the helm of darkness. Hades implicates Percy of stealing both the master bolt and also the helm of darkness for his dad, Poseidon. The Lightning Thief Audiobook – Rick Riordan. He charges Poseidon of being power-hungry. Making points even worse, the master screw magically shows up in Percy’s backpack while he is talking with Hades.

After leaving Hades’s wrath, Percy, Annabeth, as well as Grover encounter Ares, the god of war, on the Santa Monica coastline. Percy inquiries Ares and uncovers that Ares took the master bolt and helm of darkness from the original thief (whose name we don’t yet recognize). Ares has been lured by the opportunity of triggering one of the biggest wars of all time in between the Big Three: Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon. Percy and also Ares fight it out on the beach, as well as Percy wounds Ares, winning the helm of darkness. Ares curses Percy.

Percy returns the helm of darkness to Hades as well as takes a plane to New York City where he discovers Mount Olympus on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building. Percy meets Poseidon and also Zeus for the very first time and tells them everything that he recognizes as well as thinks. He tells them that he thinks Kronos, king of the Titans who regulationed in the age prior to the Greek gods, is preparing to wage war on the Olympians (the Greek gods as well as sirens). Percy has actually been having dreams about Kronos where Kronos talks to him. Zeus does not want to hear it. Poseidon informs Percy that he boasts of him which he have to choose when he goes house to his mom’s apartment or condo in Queens, NY.

That summer season at Camp Half-Blood, Percy has a great time living the life of a hero. He puts things off making a decision about whether he will certainly remain at Camp Half-Blood year round, or whether he will go residence as well as cope with his mother in Queens.

On the last day of camp, Percy is drawn into the woods by his buddy, Luke. Luke admits to Percy that he was the original burglar of the master screw and also the helm of darkness. The Lightning Thief Audiobook Online. He informs Percy that he serves Kronos which Kronos is intending to defeat the Olympians and eliminate them. Luke vanishes, leaving a deadly scorpion to sting Percy. Percy almost passes away from this scorpion bite, however is saved by wood nymphs who take him to safety. Percy’s educator, Chiron, registered nurses him back to wellness.