The Mark of Athena Audiobook by Rick Riordan

The Mark of Athena Audiobook by Rick Riordan: Heroes of Olympus, The Book Three

The Mark of Athena Audiobook
The Mark of Athena Audiobook



The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan is part of The Heroes of Olympus, a five-part series that dilated of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians collection. Rick Riordan – The Mark of Athena Audiobook. The Mark of Athena is the 3rd in the series, as well as starts with Annabeth, a little girl of the Greek siren of knowledge as well as battle, Athena, making her way to Camp Jupiter, the camp for Roman half-bloods, or demigods. With her are Leo Valdez (boy of Hephaestus), Coach Gleeson Bush (a satyr), Jason Poise (kid of Jupiter, the Roman god of the skies), and also Piper McClean (child of Aphrodite). When they come to Camp Jupiter, they find that it has just recently been assaulted, but Annabeth manages to locate her sweetheart and the lead character of Riordan’s very first Olympus collection, Percy Jackson (child of Poseidon). The demigods collect as well as discuss the Prediction of 7, which calls for cooperation in between the Greek and Roman demigods.

They are virtually at a point where the Romans prepare to rely on the Greeks when the Argo II, the ship developed by Leo, assaults the camp. Leo obtains blamed, and also the team of half-bloods, including Leo, Percy, Annabeth, Hazel (child of Pluto, the Roman god of the dead and the Underworld), as well as Frank (kid of Mars, the Roman god of war), and also Jason are eliminated from the Roman camp. Leo neither keeps in mind the assault neither has any kind of reason why he would have struck. Piper has a vision that they need to go and also satisfy Bacchus, so they take a trip to Topeka to locate him. When they do, he tells them he does not want to join their goal as well as sends them to locate Phorcys to obtain details regarding Gaea.

Gaea is the primary villain of the series; the demigods are aiming to avoid her from rekindling. She attacks the group and also takes control of Jason and also Percy, forcing Piper to choose which of them will live and also which will die, since she needs both a women and male demigod. Because Piper can pass by, Gaea forces them to combat each other. Nonetheless, Piper is able to stop them and also the team runs away. They figure out that Leo was likewise had when he attacked Camp Jupiter, yet without proof, they know they will certainly not obtain the Roman demigods there to trust them. So, they follow Bacchus’s tip and also find Phorcys.

En route, Percy has a dream. At first, the desire shows Otis as well as Ephialtes preparing yourself to ruin all of Rome. He realizes it is July, so the demigods have a target date.┬áThe Mark of Athena Audiobook Online. Percy also dreams about Nico di Angelo, who, like Hazel, is a youngster of the god of the Underworld– except his dad is the Greek version, Hades. In Percy’s dream, Nico is trapped. Percy guarantees to rescue him, and afterwards he is awakened by Annabeth. The demigods get here in Atlanta, where they discover Phorcys with the help of Keto, mommy of all sea beasts.

Percy uses his powers as the son of the god of the sea to get Phorcys to speak to him regarding Otis and also Ephilates. He additionally asks him concerning Nico, and also learns that he is being used as bait for the various other demigods. Even though Phorcys attempts to trap the demigods in the fish tank, they run away, and Percy tells the demigods that they have to discover a map that will lead them to the Athena Parthenos, situated in Rome. Annabeth remembers seeing her mother taking a look at a map and discussing the mark of Athena. Athena additionally told Annabeth that teaming up with the Romans would certainly get her disowned, as well as gave her a silver coin.

The demigods turn to Aphrodite next, who helps them uncover the place of the map– Fort Sumter. On their means there, the leader of the Roman demigods, Octavian, attacks them. Annabeth has the ability to fetch the map after she dominates her arachnophobia. That is when she meets up with Reyna once more. Reyna is the child of Bellona, the Roman siren of war, and also she is a leader of Camp Jupiter, along with Octavian. Reyna warns Annabeth that if she does not go back to Camp Jupiter to stand test, they will certainly be adversaries when they meet again.

They finally get to Rome, as well as Percy has one more vision. This time, Camp Half-Blood is Gaea’s target. The old goddess uses to spare the camp, but just if Percy offers himself and Annabeth up. He refuses.┬áThe Mark of Athena Audiobook Download. Using the map, Annabeth sustains a collection of tests alone. The others, meanwhile, rescue Nico. Annabeth is recorded by Arachne, so Percy and also the other demigods go to conserve her. Unfortunately, she and Percy come under Tartarus. Tartarus is both a location– in the depths of the Underworld– and an old god who is married to Gaea. At the end of the novel, the remainder of the demigods make their way toward Greece where they want to locate their method into Tartarusto rescue Annabeth and also Percy.